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Our Ports of Entry and Homeland Security: A Dialogue with Asa Hutchingson - June 2003
Air Quality and Economic Development Along the California/Baja California Border: Can We Have Both? - Oct. 2002
Are Tijuana's and Mexicali's Maquiladora Plants Competitive? - July 2002
Public Health Preparedness and Emergency Response in our Binational Region - May 2002
Guía Sobre California y la Región de San Diego para Funcionarios Públicos Mexicanos - March 2002
Identifying Low Risk Crossers In Order to Enhance Security at Ports of Entry into the United States - Jan. 2002
*(Prepared in partnership with the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corp., the South County Economic Development Council, and the Otay Mesa Chamber of Commerce)
Solving Our Border Crossing Problem In an Era of Terrorism - Dec. 2001
executive summary
A Vision and Strategy for the Sustainable Development of the San Diego/Imperial Valley/Tijuana/Mexicali "Macro-Region" - Nov. 2001
Providing a Reliable Water Supply in the San Diego/Imperial Valley/Baja California Region - Sep. 2001
Energy Opportunities in Baja California - July 2001
The Global Engagement of San Diego / Baja California (14.8 MB) - Nov. 2000
Participación de San Diego/Baja California en una Economía Global (14.8 MB) - Nov. 2000
Sharing the Benefits of Global Trade: Visions for the San Diego/Baja California region - Sep. 2000
Governance and Public Finance in the San Diego/Baja California Region - July 2000
The Linkages Between San Diego/Tijuana and Its Neighbors to the North - June 2000
San Diego/Tijuana Manufacturing in the Information Age with charts/tables - May 2000
executive summary
The Challenge of Developing the Cross-Border Region's Trade Infrastructure - May 2000
executive summary
Regional Success Stories: Global Engagement Strategies for the San Diego/Tijuana Region - April 2000
executive summary
Health and Medical Care in San Diego and Tijuana: Prospects for Collaboration - Dec. 2000
executive summary
Energy Issues in the San Diego/Tijuana Region - Nov. 2000
executive summary
New Federalism in Mexico: Implications for Baja California and the Cross-Border Region - July 1999
executive summary
Towards a Trade Infrastructure Strategy for the San Diego/Tijuana Region - Feb. 1999
Conservation and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources in Baja California - Oct. 1998
Improving Trade Infrastructure for a More Competitive Binational Region - June 1998
Economic Crisis in Asia: Challenges and Opportunities for San Diego/Tijuana - June 1998
Regional Links to Asia: What Does the Relationship Mean to San Diego/Tijuana? - June 1998
Who Crosses the Border? - April 1994

The Changing Cross-Border Economy A Working Paper Series:
Latino Employment Patterns in San Diego County - Aug. 2000
Compensation, Inflation and Purchasing Power in the Mexican Maquiladora
Industry Since the Devaluation of 1994
- July 1999
The Effects of a Depreciation of the Peso on Cross-Border Retail Sales in
San Diego and Imperial Counties
- June 1999
executive summary
Whither the Maquiladora? - A Look at Growth Perspectives for the Industry After 2001 - April 1999
The Employment Dynamics of Regional Economies on the U.S./Mexico Border - April 1998
executive summary